About the Chiropractor and her mission.

Susan has always enjoyed the challenge of treating chronic pain sufferers and athletes. Not just the management of acute injuries, but the maintenance of proper function and the psychological aspects that affect these particular groups of patients. 

And then a few years ago she did a course that exposed her to the needs of performing artists. The course had short lectures by physical therapists who treated musicians as well as dancers, and a lecture by the principal physiotherapist for the performers of Cirque du Soleil. As someone with an interest in the arts, and some amateur experience in music, Susan was drawn to this subject. This inspired her to do further research and training into the specific needs of performing artists as a community. 

Her studies led her to the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare, of which she is now a member. This institution is made up of an incredible group of people from performing artists to teachers to doctors and physical therapists all passionate about meeting the needs of this ever-growing community. 

As a physical therapist and holistic physician, she tries to take all her patients' needs into account. She does manual treatments, such as manipulation, dry needling, soft tissue work and kinesiotaping to treat acute injuries, but she also takes great care in the long-term management of patients. 

This means addressing psychological needs, as well as other home care needs (e.g. diet, self-care, home exercises), to prevent further injury and give performers and athletes a sense of participation and control over their health and wellbeing. 

She recognises that athletes and performers are under a great deal of pressure to keep performing regardless of injury. There is always someone young and talented waiting to take the place of someone in these professions, should they falter. The stress and anxiety this leads to is often enough in itself to cause illness and time away from practice or training. 

It is her aim to bring her years of experience as a chiropractor and physical therapist and use them to help meet the specific needs of the performing arts and sports communities. And to work together with trainers and teachers and other healthcare providers to give her patients the support they need. She also advocates within her profession, educating other chiropractors and healthcare practitioners on the needs of this diverse group of athletes. 

Since I’ve been in chiropractic, I’ve improved by leaps and bounds both mentally and physically.
— Michael Jordan, NBA Most Valuable Player 5 years running