Chiropractic and The Performing Artist


Performing Artists have long been neglected as a group of athletes. And that is exactly what they are, athletes. What else would you call a group of people that spend hours every day training and practicing, whether it be on aerial silks or playing the violin? 

Chiropractic has been an under-utilised profession with regard to this. Does it not make sense that a profession that deals with not only musculoskeletal injuries but also affects motor coordination and balance would be an excellent option for the management of performing artists?

Short-term, specialist chiropractors who have researched the specific needs of performers are well qualified to diagnose musculoskeletal problems as well as give preventative advice. And long term, through collaboration with teachers and trainers, and through their effect on the nervous system, chiropractors are excellent in maintaining and improving performance, as well as avoiding future injuries that may cause time away from your profession. 



Free yourself to perform at your best